When it comes down to fire prevention and safety equipment, many people don’t see the necessity in it. The most common reply we receive is

“We don’t need it”, “We’re very safe”, “It’s expensive”.

Hey, we understand, it can be costly, but what is the price of lives lost, and damaged property? Installing smoke detectors, hanging fire extinguishers in dead spaces, sprinklers in the office, Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD) submissions and design consultants, it all amounts to a considerable sum of money.

Find a renovation contractor who can fit out your space with fire fighting provisions.

Fire fighting systems help to keep our loved ones and valuables safe, prevent further damage to our property and prevent big financial losses, which is great, but what about the the individuals who think “Will it even happen to me? The only thing we don’t want are those fire safety equipment left in one corner like a White Elephant collecting dust through the years. Singapore is safe.”

I don’t think it will happen to me

Fire outbreaks are real, and it can happen to anyone. Just type in “fire” on the straits times website and you would receive a plethora of cases from the recent 21st century e-scooter and portable power bank fires to the infamous Bukit Ho Swee fire in 1961 and even foreign country fires.

They report fires in foreign countries so that we may learn from examples and better prepare ourselves

It is evident that fires can emerge where least expected. It can come from your neighbours’ house, cigarette butt fires, bush fires, electrical overload, gas explosions, kitchen fires, candles and incense etc.

YOU could save lives because YOU were prepared.

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If you were present, could you stop a small fire from spreading and growing into an inferno?

Sure you can. you have been trained to use equipment

You Were Prepared But You Could Not PUT OUT THE FIRE

Fire safety equipment can do its part to prevent further damage to your property, however, it would not help to in replacing the damaged items or restore the entire property to its original condition. All these takes resources and thus begets the question, “How do we add on another layer of protection to restore our items?”. Have you checked your fire insurance policy?

Fire Insurance Policies

The yearly premium for a 4-room HDB for a standard plan (tenants and homeowners) from NTUC is $51.36 yearly and up to $32,000 in contents.

The yearly premium for a private homes for a standard plan (tenants and homeowners) from NTUC is $173.34 yearly and up to $75,000 in contents.


Things to note would be,

1. Conditional to the policy, legal fees, administrative fees, cannot be claimed.

2. If there was any act of mischief or theft was started by your tenant or any legal sub-lessee, you will not be entitled to payment.

3. If your unit was unoccupied during any incidents, you will not be entitled to payment for the contents as well.

4. If your damages is higher than your insured, you are only entitled to recovery for your policy stated amount.

5. You are required to bear the cost of any accommodation, repair, recovery FIRST before your claims can be submitted.

6. If you lived in a condo, your conservancy charges will be bore by the insurer for up to 3 months so you have to ensure your property is restored by competent parties.

7. Should professionals be engaged (architects, surveyors, engineers, consultants) they will only cover you up to the limit shown on the table of cover.

While they cover extensively with a separate limit for renovations, the building and contents, there is a flexible plan of $4.00 per $10,000 limit, meaning you can upgrade your plan for higher coverage.

You can find the comprehensive terms and conditions here.

Read the section “we do not pay”, do the numbers stack up for you?

Time is priceless, stress is unhealthy.

Why we need to protect ourselves with insurance

Now some might even be thinking at this point of time, “Ew, insurance, I have too many insurance policies”. But hear us out, a huge part of a fire aftermath is not just the safety of the people around, but also the financial losses that come after that. Imagine having your bedroom burnt beyond recognition, or your hawker stall that is burnt till work has to be halted, impeding your livelihood.

Home insurance in a nutshell

Many insurance companies in Singapore offer wide varieties and wide coverage of home insurance. Usually averaging from $50 annually for basic plans, they protect our homes from damages to around $75,000. Of course, one can opt for more extensive coverage and more payouts but that also means an increase in premiums. Looking at these figures, $75,000 seems to be a lot of money. However, that is not the case. Recent fires in 2018 brought about terrible financial losses to home and business owners. The fire does not choose $75,000 worth of valuables to take with it, it engulfs the entire house, or office, if left unattended to. When that happens, what is left are exorbitant financial losses. What about loss of a life? Can you put a price tag on that?

Other areas of coverage

After taking a step back, consider getting insurance to further protect yourself from these dangers and risks. If you are still wondering if fire would happen to you, don’t worry. Household insurance does not only cover fire, it actually spreads to theft, accidents, renovation breakages and more.


However, if we could advise, we would still stick to preventive methods. Put out a fire before it destroys you. Claim the insurance only if you have to.

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